IoT soil condition monitoring sensors will optimize agriculture through data

The Internet of things (IoT), which is the ability for technology in every day objects to send and receive data, will revolutionize how we do everything from transportation to communication. Agriculture also stands to benefit greatly from integrating this technology into simple electronics: IBM estimates that IoT will enable farmers to increase food production by 70 percent by the year 2050.

In addition to better pest management and weather forecasting, IoT could save up to 50 billion gallons of water annually, as sensors can better help farmers optimize water usage. Being able to better optimize crop management will have a transformative effect on agriculture in the following years.

Sigfox partners now offer IoT solutions by providing affordable sensors that monitor soil humidity/moisture levels and soil/air temperatures and automatically report it directly to the Internet without needing any Wifi, GSM or regular Internet connection.

This helps farmers know what is best for their crops without having to manually estimate or make an educated guess. With better data being fed to them live from their own crops, farmers can be the best possible decisions for planting, watering, and pest control.