Smart livestock collars let graziers track, monitor and manage herds like never before

The sun might set each evening on the open range, but as any rancher knows, the work doesn’t end there. Predators threaten herds in the far reaches of a property, animals wander off or fall ill, birthing happens at all hours of the day and night. Livestock management is a complex, around-the-clock job, but no rancher can be everywhere at once-until now.

For the first time, graziers have a complete view of their herds-anytime, anywhere. Representing the latest in IoT innovation, smart livestock collars give graziers the ability to virtually fence and track animals via GPS, as well as gather crucial information to better manage the health and safety of their herds. This innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution helps graziers minimize operating costs, reduce animal losses, improve birthing success rates, and increase animal health and safety.