IoT changes the way construction equipment is tracked on the jobsite

Smart equipment tracking systems are changing the way the construction industry tracks heavy machinery. Powered by Sigfox’s reliable IoT network, this new technology gives construction companies the tools to manage equipment, increase utilization and control usage costs across an entire portfolio of jobsites.

From a user perspective, smart equipment tracking systems are straightforward to deploy. A small, battery-powered device is securely mounted onto any piece of equipment. Once mounted, the device collects real-time information about the exact location of the equipment and transmits that information through Sigfox’s global IoT network. The information is then aggregated into a cloud-based app platform. The end result is a set of robust data that allows construction managers to not only locate a piece of heavy equipment with just the click of a button, but also to see when, and for how long, that equipment was in motion on any given day.

For anyone who has ever wasted time tracking and managing a fleet of heavy machinery, the efficiencies and cost savings made possible with this technology are clear. Real-time equipment tracking and cloud-based data sets help even the largest construction companies reduce theft, increase productivity and control usage costs.