Weather monitoring solutions for reducing usage of water and fertilisers in agriculture

Setting up proper weather conditions monitoring in this new data-based agronomy industry is one of the most important things farmers can do for their fields, as it helps them address common challenges and better optimize their labor, water usage, and crop health.

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), you can now remotely collect data consistently and automatically. Connected sensors collect the important data you want to track. The following data can be collected across all your fields, no matter their proximity. This is then sent to your phone, computer, or tablet through the Sigfox global network and accessed at any time via the digital platform.

Not only can you access your own exact data from sensors in your fields, some apps allow you to access weather data from other sources, such as remote rain gauges and stations. This allows you to better track patterns of weather in your area. It also helps you see what other fields with similar crops are faring with the weather.