Smart logistics tracking is creating a leaner, more agile supply chain thanks to IoT

Thanks to the internet of things (IoT) the logistics and transportation industry finally has a comprehensive solution for managing goods at every step along its logistics networks.

Representing the latest in IoT technology, smart logistics solutions have the power to transform the modern supply chain as we know it. For the first time, the industry can visualize and manage critical goods from anywhere, at any time, on a global scale.

From a user perspective, smart logistics solutions are fairly straightforward to deploy. A small, battery-powered smart tracking device is securely mounted onto a container, truck or wagon carrying goods. Once mounted, the device collects real-time information about the exact location of those goods at any point along the supply chain and securely transmits that information through Sigfox’s global IoT network. The information can be aggregated on a customized app platform or connected directly to a company’s existing Logistic Information System.