IoT improves transport tracking and monitoring to significantly increase ROI

The supply chain is littered with hurdles that impact a company’s profitability. But an IoT-powered connected supply chain enables producer, manufacturers, retailers and logistics businesses to significantly increase ROI.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is powering a revolution in business. The rapid adoption of digital infrastructure is already five times faster than electricity or cell phones. In 2008, there were already more things connected to the internet that there were people on the planet. By 2020, the amount of connected things is expected to reach 50 billion. Big data, collected through a global network of connected devices, is already being used to tackle some of the biggest problems facing businesses today. This includes the logistics industry.

By using IoT to implement a connected supply chain powered by the Sigfox network, businesses can overcome a number of challenges currently impacting their growth and profitability.