Facility managers reduce costs and predict needs with IoT buttons

Business is booming in the facilities management industry. Today, worldwide market value is estimated to be US$29 billion. By 2021, experts predict it will almost double to $57 billion. As the market increases in value, competition between suppliers will increase. Cost is important when choosing a facilities manager, but it is not the only driver. Increasingly, contract negotiations are becoming value-driven, rather than cost-driven. This means technology is an important innovation and efficiency driver. For example, web-based booking systems are increasingly becoming common and are expected as standard by some clients.

The move away from cost and towards customer relationship management is already underway in the home with the introduction of Amazon Dash. Now, for the first time, facility management companies can provide the same level of customer care to their clients. How is this possible? It’s all down to Button devices connected to the Sigfox IoT global network. By providing a global, low-cost, IoT connectivity solution, facilities managers can reduce costs, predict client needs and delight customers with exceptional service.