Battery backup power monitoring helps to eliminate power failures thanks to IoT

A reliable battery backup supply is crucial. Batteries can fail for any number of reasons, but particularly if the battery relay is no longer sufficient to ensure proper operation. Usually, a backup power supply will be on-hand to pick up the strain if the main power source fails. But what happens if the backup battery has failed to? The result is a complete service breakdown that is only reported hours after it has happened. Disruptions are caused, customers are dissatisfied and maintenance crews need to be on-hand to fix the problem as quickly as possible. This typically means that maintenance crews need to be employed round the clock to ensure that if and when a failure happens, they can fix the issue as quickly as possible. It’s an unsatisfactory solution to a serious problem. But for many industries, the advent of the IoT has meant that it isn’t a problem any longer. With the help of IoT-powered remote monitoring devices, companies can monitor backup power supply like never before. Alerts are instant if the power fails and diagnostics are in-depth enough to allow maintenance teams to uncover the problem quickly.