Highlights from Sigfox Connect Berlin 2018

After a great success in 2017 with more than 1200 attendees and 120 booths, the Sigfox World IoT Expo was back in October 24-25 2018 in Berlin and became Sigfox Connect.

Sigfox Connect berlin show floor 2018


As the Daft Punk would sing it, it was definitely “stronger, faster, harder, better”. 1800 attendees, 150 booths with many more mature ecosystem partners, an unique design for booths, lay out & conference area, a 30′ keynote that clearly, you did not want to miss (if you did, you can watch it again here), a solid conference program and some major announcements.

Sigfox News:  If we had to sum them up, I would say:

“from local to remote to nationwide to global to satellite, Sigfox gets you covered.”


and 8 new Sigfox operators: Austria, Lichtenstein, Romania, Norway, Kenya, Peru, Guatemala and Honduras most recently joining the Sigfox network, to make up 53 countries, either covered nationwide or in deployment. What was one of the biggest bets ever made by a European company has become reality. Sigfox offers the widest network globally in terms of population covered under a single umbrella.

The Micro Base Station connects to the very same Sigfox back-end and purely complement to global coverage with a very local expansion. The Micro gateway was developed to provide a low cost and simple “plug&play” network expansion in areas such as deep indoor or outdoor remote customer locations.


  • Sigfox revolutionizes asset tracking with Bubbles

The Bubble is a low cost beaconing solution enabling proximity detection. By managing the emission power, Sigfox Cloud adapts the range of the Bubble, from less than one meter to a hundred meters, improving the accuracy of the device’s location. That way, when a Sigfox device enters the range of a Bubble, it sends the Bubble’s ID to the Cloud along with its own identification. As they cross Bubbles, assets are located with high accuracy.


  • Sigfox introduces Atlas WiFi, its low cost geolocation service for massive IoT.

Uniquely balancing cost, precision and energy efficiency, the service provides seamless outdoor & indoor trackingby sniffing the BSSID of Wifi routers and triangulating those to determine the location of device. Particularly suitable for the supply chain and logistics sector.

  • A plethora of Chipsets, modules and device makers proposing new multi-zones solutions & multi connectivity options:

– Multi-zones solutions are enabling seamless IoT worldwide connectivity and making Sigfox the only true global network. Solutions from STMicroelectronics, WisolJorjin, LiteONAmoSense, Sensolus, Invoxia, Loka,…the 4 latter ones providing GPS asset trackers working in all zones.

– Multi-connectivity module from GCT Semiconductor to complement cellular networks with Sigfox. Why not adding Sigfox to 3G/4G/NBIoT device if it does not increase the BOM or power consumption ? Great back up connectivity at a very low cost or limit the power consumption of devices and only switch on 4G for firmware upgrades. 

Satellite complementary coverage to Sigfox terrestrial coverage is another revolution starting trials in 2019. Why is it that important ? Just imagine having the same Sigfox device connecting directly to satellite using same protocol, same Sigfox backend, coupled with a multi-zone devices. This means you can always connect wherever you are in the world. For Australia, in asset tracking, you will always be able to geolocate your assets via simple low cost device & connectivity, even in the middle of nowhere, be it the lake Eyre or the Simpson desert.

On the show floor
A strong list of 150 exhibitors,

  • Some major companies including Siemens, Digikey, Bosch, ALPS, Avnet, Arrow, Panasonic, Engie,…
  • 20+ companies presenting diverse type of buttons for diverse applications from service call to re-ordering to sending alerts, from e-health to maintenance service call.
  • 15+ companies presenting diverse type of dataloggers to connect probes for agriculture applications to metering water for Utilities or monitoring industrial machines.
  • 20+ companies presenting diverse breed of asset tracking solutions either for industrial or consumer applications, among them, Thinxtra was showcasing its low cost range of trackers dedicated to system integrators and solutions providers
  • Some Thinxtra local partners with unique solution looking to go global: Airtracker from Australia, PiPIoT from New Zealand and Morrison from Hong Kong.

This year felt like IoT was really taking off big time:

  • The news from Sigfox: from very local connectivity with micro base station and bubbles, to nationwide connectivity with new countries joining in to global connectivity with multi-zones modules and devices and future satellite coverage, made us feel like Sigfox is the only global provider of ubiquitous coverage for the Internet of Simple Things.
  • Some great solution providers showcasing mature Sigfox solutions and real deployment in very large volume for global companies.

Overall, during those 2 crazy days, it was an amazing display of ingeniosity, high energy, relevant case studies with real proof of value and a true sense of being part of a great community making IoT a reality.

Thank you Sigfox.

About Thinxtra
Thinxtra is empowering the Internet of Things in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong by operating the world-leading Sigfox LPWA network as well as enabling a full eco-system of IoT solutions and services partners to connect the non-connected, to increase productivity, to accelerate decision making, to improve quality of service and quality of life, and to find more economical solutions to common problems.

PR Contact: Renald Gallis – VP Marketing +61 404 894 960 renald.gallis@thinxtra.com


Electronics Symposium – Hong Kong on April 16th 2018

The Electronic Division the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers is holding the flagship programme “Hong Kong Electronic Symposium 2018 (HKES2018)” on 16 April 2018 in Hong Kong Science Park.

The theme of the Symposium is “Smart Cities – from Cliche to Digital Transformation”. The topics of interest in HKES2018 cover V2X, Big Data, Smart airport, Electrical Vehicle infrastructure, Smart Energy,LPWAN & IoT.

4pm: Anthony Lai, Ecosystem manager at Thinxtra HK, will present Sigfox and its applications in Smart cities.

View full agenda and register here for HKES 2018

Avnet Sigfox Conference – Hong Kong on April 19th 2018

Learn how Avnet’s end-to-end enterprise solutions in Sigfox and connected IoT ecosystem help to bring customers’ ideas to market.

Avnet is one of the largest premium Global broad-line distributor of electronic and electro-mechanical products and serves the IoT design and manufacturing community.

The event is designed for organisations and individuals evaluating or designing Low Power Wide Area Network enterprise solutions and gives insights across the typical ecosystem – from hardware design, manufacture and commercial realization through to cloud connectivity.

The event is a “must attend” for anyone wanting to get basic insights into this exciting aspect of LPWAN and IoT.

10am start. View full agenda and register here: Avnet Sigfox conference 2018

Thinxtra at IoT Asia 2018

Sigfox was a platinum sponsor of this year’s edition of the biggest Internet Of Things event in the AsiaPac region with a central booth that was showcasing 100+ solutions across different vertical markets (Agtech, Smart Cities, Smart Industry, and Smart Home) from the different local solutions makers based in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan as well as 25+ from Australia and New Zealand.

Roswell Wolff, President, Sigfox Asia Pacific “IoT Asia is a platform for us to communicate with new partners (network partners, operating and ecosystem players, from devices makers to platforms suppliers) and present our capabilities to attendees from Asia. Equally important, Sigfox considers the show as a showcase for the use cases of IoT around the region.”

The show was a clear success for Sigfox and its partners (watch the short video), as the main LPWAN technology presenting by far the most solutions there and a large audience of 6000 IoT visitors keen to trial them.

Thanks to all our Thinxtra local partners: 37South, Abibird, AirTracker, ATF, Bee Inventor, CCP, Defond, Digital Matter, Eden Worth, Ellenex, GPS Engine, Motiv, PiP IoT, Silicon Controls, TuckerBox, Truesense, Waterwatch…  for making it happen.



















Next, see you at Fieldays in NZ and IoT Impact in Sydney

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For the past 5 years, IoT Asia has been at the forefront of bringing global collaboration and partnershipopportunities to governments, businesses and communities in Asia. IoT Asia is an award winning stage that brings together technology heads, design architects, solution architects, engineers, academic institutions, investors and start-ups to assess the latest trends and partnership models in Asia.
6th edition returns on 27 and 28 March 2019 at Singapore EXPO. For more information, visit www.internetofthingsasia.com/

About Thinxtra

Thinxtra is empowering the Internet of Things in Asia Pacific by deploying the world-leading Sigfox LPWA network as well as building a full eco-system of IoT solutions and services to enable the non-connected to connect, to increase productivity, accelerate decision making, improve quality of service and quality of life, and find more economical solutions to common problems.

Contact: Renald Gallis – VP Marketing +61 404 894 960 renald.gallis@thinxtra.com