The Thinxtra 0G Network, powered by Sigfox technology is the only global IoT network, covering 1 billion people in 70 countries and 5 million square km. Thinxtra is the exclusive Sigfox Operator in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau and works collectively with more than 70 Sigfox Operators around the world to optimise network coverage and support you with local service and global reach.


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(Based on Sigfox simulation tools)


Why is there a difference between Outdoor and Indoor Coverage?

Reception levels vary when a device is placed indoors, regardless of what radio technology is used. This is due to the physical structures which may block radio signals passing through it. For example, steel frames & metal doors block or degrade the signal strength which eventually affects the device performance. When a solution is designed to scale, this aspect is considered to make sure the solution is fit for purpose, works where it needs to and communicates when it is optimal to do so.


What is the difference between simulated coverage and the real experience?

The coverage map uses advanced prediction algorithms to match reality. We continuously work to ensure it is as accurate as possible. There are unavoidable differences between the simulated coverage and actual coverage due to a wide range of factors that may occur in the field. These factors include; radio noise, vegetation and new developments.