Thinxtra and COVID-19

Most of us don’t have a living memory of a single news story that held the attention of people in every country globally at the same moment.

Daily we’re adjusting to a new normal as we work from home, practice social distancing, home school and face different work challenges to manage operational continuity the best we can. Like you, we are very concerned for the safety and welfare of our employees, customers, suppliers, partners; their families and communities.

With so much change happening, we wanted to advise that Thinxtra has implemented a robust response plan that means we are operating as usual. We have the infrastructure and processes in place to protect our team and the people they contact for work, by shifting our business to a remote working model. That is enabling us to continue to support customers, deliver projects and plan for IoT-enabled solutions in a post COVID-19 world to help accelerate recovery.

We’re proactively planning how to help our customers through, and beyond, the COVID-19 era by identifying ways to deliver opex reduction and nextgen business efficiency with IoT solutions. Never before has it been so clear how IoT solutions can support operations to assure business continuity, even with a large remote workforce.

When you’re ready to think about making business better with IoT solutions, we’ll be ready to help. Until then, you and your families have our very best wishes. Stay safe and take care of yourselves and each other.