Xkit case casing 3D print

3D print a case for your Xkit

The case: A lot of our customers ask for this, so we did it.

Our Thinxtra Xkit development kit is quite popular to make your first IoT product, however it was lacking a hard case to make it more friendly. The cardboard case (made out of the box) is bit rudimentary. So we designed a simple 3D printed case as 1 piece, so no need for any assembly. Even the battery fits in to make it a battery powered device and all sensors are still accessible.

As part of our smart schools program, the STEM students not only have fun making their first IoT solution with the Xkit, they now have an excuse to use the school 3D printer.

You can download the stl file (ready to use for 3d printers) at thinxtra.com/xkit or via this direct link


Enjoy and have fun with your Xkit.

If you need the file for mass-production or customise your case with your own logo, simply contact us at marketing@thinxtra.com